adrienneedmondson The goal  Edmondson & Associates, Inc. is to create win-win workplace cultures through employee engagement and workplace civility.

People solutions consulting by Adrienne Edmondson teaches business leaders and decision-makers civility skills that enhance productivity, encourage employee engagement, and create a work environment grounded in inclusion, creativity, success, and holistic satisfaction.

People Solutions for Productivity & Civility

We understand that you have a unique culture, and what works for your company may not work for others. Realizing that no other business has the exact same problems you face, we take time to evaluate your current situation, your staff, and your industry to develop solutions specifically tailored to address your corporate culture, priorities, and goals.


  • Begin: Solutions Assessment & Report
  • Next: Goals & Outcome Planning
  • Onsite: Hands-on Trainings
  • Ongoing: Follow-up Consultation


  • Team Building & Diversity Training
  • Strategic Planning
  • Motivation & Conflict Diffusion

Edmondson & Associates, Inc. Tools

  • True Colors Personality Inventory
  • O.W.N. (Opportunities, Wants, Needs) Civility™
  • Laughter Skill-Building Activities

Keynote Presentation 2014: “Unleash Your Joy – Even In The Workplace”

More than a feel-good, motivational address, founder Adrienne Edmondson wears the hat of edu-trainer when she leads executives, managers, and business professionals step-by-step through her “Unleash Your Joy, Even In The Workplace” seminar. This business consulting keynote presentation uses laughter to set the stage for win-win workplace relationships.

When blended with Civility — a process to identify in-the-moment wants and needs, implement active listening, and reinforce kind speech skills — audiences learn when and how to use a sense of humor to improve productivity and increase collaboration. You’ll find out how an “Alo….ha ha ha!” sets the stage for a win-win workplace.

Suited for the following audiences:

  • Multi-Generational Workforce Teams
  • Government
  • HR Professionals
  • Healthcare & Hospice Care
  • Managers
  • Nonprofit Executives & Board Members
  • Education Professionals
  • Team Leaders
  • Spiritual Leaders